Arts Integration + 

Moving Stories (preK - 3rd grade) 

Food is Math (1st - 12th grade)

Teens Talk... (6th - 12th grade)

A week long residency that begins with a story book, incorporates dance and movement, soundscapes, visual art, and story building. The residency ends in either a performance or book building. Customizable to meet teacher's curriculum needs. See Curriculum page for specific SOLs.

A week long residency that utilizes grade-appropriate math to empower students to figure out how to eat better and afford it. Exact activities range from learning about numbers by counting fruits and veggies, to creating recipes that fulfill specific nutritional requirements, using multiplication and division to adjust recipes to required servings (whole numbers or fractions), creating shopping lists with related menus and figuring unit prices (proportions). See Curriculum page for more compete list of potential SOLs.

A 1 week, 2 week or 3 week residency. One week: students research any academic topic, create fictional experts and accompanying human visual aids, and tape an original TV talk show. Two week: See above plus students learn to improvise to create scenes that demonstrate a topic or to change show structure to a round table. Three week: See above plus students design and create a set and soundscape for the show. (Parent-signed waivers required for those who want to perform in the show.)


Shakespeare Kabobs!

Dramatic Language

Useful in ELA and History/Social Studies, this one week, two week or three week residency lets students experience the power of seeing things from a different perspective. One week: students become familiar with a story/event and use story building/re-telling to explore different perspectives. Two week: see above plus students create their own spin off writing, Three week: see above plus students rehearse and present each other's writing.

Shakespeare becomes as accessible as eating off a kabob- no tools required! Utilizing games, improvisation and storytelling techniques, students acquire a working knowledge of common "Shakespearean" vocabulary, understand relationships and  experience the plot through at least one character's perspective. Currently, Comedy of Errors is available. Romeo & Juliet, Midsummer, Hamlet, and Othello are in the works.

ESOL and foreign language classes experience the power of the dramatic arts for acquiring language through immersion.

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