Arts Integrators


Have you ever been stumped or overwhelmed with the task of aligning your workshop, assembly or residency with Common Core or State Curriculum?


I can help.


My work experience includes writing curriculum for a 2-branch English conversation school in Japan and leading the workshop development team at Kaiser Permanente's Education Theater Program to develop Common Core aligned arts integration workshops that focused on a health-related teaching point. At KP, I spent the best part of a year working solely with the Common Core and the State Curriculum's for Maryland, Washington DC and Viriginia to compile the over-lapping standards and simplify the process of alignment for the workshop development team. I am, consequently, very familiar with these Standards and have had quite a bit of practice helping workshop designers deeply integrate their art, recognize when their workshop already fulfills a Standard, and tweak their workshop so that it can cover additional standards.


Services offered:

  • Curriculum audit for existing or new development programming

  • Aligning Standards for your programming

  • Teaching you and/or your staff how to recognize which Standards apply/ could apply with a minor change

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