understanding + collaboration = productivity

Companies big and small know that developing their employees' communication, creativity and teamwork skills leads to smoother workflow, more content staff, and ultimately more productivity. Improvisation utilizes listening skills, public and small group speaking skills, and collaboration skills. Ever heard a trainer talk about "yes, and"-ing your team? "Yes, and" is the basic building block of improv! Give it a try. I guarantee you will see a different side of someone on your team.

Workshops are customizable based on a manager's obstacles.

Half-day, full-, and multi-day programs are available.

Tell us what you need and we will build it!

Mindset Reset

The difference between surviving market turmoil and not often comes down to mindset. Does your team employ a growth mindset?

A growth mindset allows for flexibility, better cooperation, and innovation which all add up to longevity in the marketplace.

Reset your team's mindset to stay on top.

Service Learning


Do members of your team need to learn about how to provide excellent, consistent customer service? Let me teach them how. This program was first executed at Kaiser Permanente to train their front desk staff. 

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