Stories That Will Not Only Delight And Entertain But That Also TEACH You Something.

With pre-scripted stories, custom scripted stories or interactive improvised stories, there is something for every occasion.



Meredith Kaunitz has delighted audiences in 9 states, 5 cities, and 3 countries.

Performances can be aligned with State and Common Core Standards! Edutainment at its best!

Adventures in Letterville: (preK - 1st grade)

Letters use their phonics power to solve problems, work as a team, use multiple strategies for dividing, and more!


A Walk in the Park: (6th - 12th+ grade)

Science fiction meets musical theater. Students learn that "offspring are essential for an organism's survival" without getting into touchy topics.


Perspectives on War: (6th - 12th+ grade)

True life stories give the audience a visceral understanding of the many perspectives that affect history in the context of war.

Japanese Folktales: (1st - 5th grade)

Momotaro and more. Learn about Japanese culture, Japanese literature and some Japanese language.


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