Homeschool Programs


Songs, games and active play teach your child to speak, read and write Spanish. Age groups 3-6, 7-10, 11-12, and 13-18.

Learn to speak, read and write Japanese through drama techniques and games. Absolute Beginner, Not-so-absolute Beginner and coming soon Beginner, Advanced Beginner and Intermediate classes.

Active, fun activities teach your child the basics of all music: rhythm, tone/pitch, beat, dynamics (tempo, loudness, etc.) and keeping ones part. Plus we'll do some music appreciation in a way that will make them truly appreciate music!

Make-up for Stage, Screen or Camera

Learn to use make-up to achieve any "look" from a natural street style, to super glam to fantasy in just 2 classes.

The perfect class for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners! Great for a first class ever. We sing songs, read stories, do chants and rhymes and even play some games, and we learn to sign along the way. We cover  emotions, ABCs, numbers, colors, animals, food, pleasantries, family and more. This class teaches vocabulary but no syntax. It's loads of fun though.

Youth Shakespeare
Story Building

A flexible schedule class that helps you bring your story to life in an illustrated book. Everyone can increase their creative writing skills by telling their story. Your story can be serious or silly, a chapter book or a picture book, or anything in between. It can be naturalism, realism, science fiction, romance, comedy, adventure, etc. There is only one rule: it must be completely original. More information

Custom Classes

Having a hard time getting your kids to be interested in something they really need to work on? Book a custom designed workshop that will give a new spin to the material, get them moving, and break through that tough time. EX: Moving Stories workshops tap the power of fiction, dance, and imagination play to teach just about anything from vocabulary and spelling to character education to math and science.


Tap dance is a great way for those who are not dramatic to improve upon their internal sense of rhythm and build confidence. You do not need tap shoes either! I tap my way through life in whatever I happen to be wearing. Shoes that bend are most important and I recommend flats for beginners.


In Intro to Tap, we will practice learning and remembering patterns while we learn the difference between stamp, stomp and step, discover fun steps like shuffles, toe taps, heel drops, hopping, jumping, sugars and more! It is super fun for boys and girls alike. Learning to count to the music not only benefits math skills (hint: it's pre-multiplication too) but also introduces musicality.

Beginner Tap is the next step up from Intro to Tap Dance. If you have no experience with dance, it's probably best to take Intro first.

A flexible schedule class that guides students through a series of active learning exercises designed to get anybody loving Shakespeare. 

Parent-Teacher Tools

English as Another Language

Teens Talk... (ages 12+)

A series of workshops that use research, acting exercises, and writing skills to become experts in any academic topic and then create and star in a talk show.

A flexible schedule class that gives Parents and Homeschool Instructors new tools to help their students reach their goals. Access the materials again and again whenever you have availability. Moving Math

Learn to speak, read and write English or improve your English skills through drama techniques and games. Ongoing lessons, private to 10 students.

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