Infant and Toddler

Enrichment Programs

I began to create ITEP or the Infant and Toddler Enrichment Program when my child was a one-year-old. I was looking for and not finding active learning opportunities for him to socialize while having a good time and experiencing something new. It occurred to me that if I was looking for this, other people must be as well. I started with Story, Sign & Song, my Baby Sign integration class. It was so successful that I added the Fitness: Storytime class that same year. By the end of the year, the interest was clear. Over the summer, I developed Art Skills: Colors and Art Skills: Shapes. All four classes continued to draw interest so over the next summer I created Art Skills: Colors 2, Art Skills: Shapes 2, Music, Science for Toddlers, and Pre-dance. I have offered 10 classes per week since September 2016 and have experienced rave reviews all year long with many students re-enrolling in multiple classes over multiple sessions. Up until now, all of my classes have been offered through the Prince Georges Parks and Recreation Commission. Starting September 2017, I will have availability to come to your day care, nursery school or Pre-school.

Moving Storytime

Get moving, explore storybooks by acting them out, practice counting and patterns. Your child will be sure to nap after this class!



Hands-on, active immersion in music teaches your child about tone, rhythm, beat, dynamics, tempo, playing parts, singing, playing instruments, music appreciation and more. You've never taken a mommy-and-me music class like this before!

Story, Sign and Song

Using stories, songs, chants, imagination play, I will introduce you and your child to a working knowledge of simple signs they can use to communicate their needs, wants and feelings.

Art Skills: Colors and Shapes

Help your child explore the basics of visual art, shape and color using a variety of techniques.  and mediums.


Explore the world and engage your little one's curiosity while experiencing the basics of the scientific method.


1/2 ballet and 1/2 tap- Experience the world of dance with those who can walk on their own but are too small for traditional dance classes. Also a great way to gauge interest before investing in specialty shoes and clothing. Learn the positions of the feet, plies, tongues, jumps, stomp/stamp/step, heel drops and more!

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