Are you looking for a safe space where you can get help with your education problems from other education professionals?
If you said 'yes,' a mastermind is for you.
What exactly is a mastermind?
A mastermind is a small group of professionals who are looking to support each other in solving problems, developing new skills and provide moral support. A mastermind meets every few weeks for a few hours at a time. Each participant gets an opportunity to express a challenge they want help with and the group provides them with feedback, ideas, suggestions for tools, introductions to people in their network who could help, empathy and their own experiences.
What kinds of groups are available?
We have different groups for people with different specialities as well as multidisciplinary groups for people who feel a group with a more diverse point of view would be helpful.


A group for Theater Teachers and Teaching Artists

Early Childhood

A group for Early Childhood Educators

World Languages

A group for World Language Teachers


A group for Principals

Interested in a multi-disciplinary group?
Perfect for Integrators, Administrators and Elementary "All-subject" Classroom Teachers

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