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Art & Music

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Children's Choir

Children's Choir corrected.png

Join Art Play Learn's Children's Choir for an unparralleled experience. No other choir listens to the interests of the children and then chooses material based on what kind of music the choir members like and want to sing. Give your child a love of music through singing with peers. Making music together is a unique bonding experience that can lead to lifelong friendships. Culminates in a final class sharing for family and friends. Join us this winter for a heart-warming experience.

Minimum Skills

  • None


Art & Storytime for Elementary

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Minimum Required Skills

 ability to cut different shapes out of paper with scissors

Recommended age range: 5-10

Price: $96 for 8 classes 

Wednesdays  @ 1:00pm EST

Taught by Teresa Sedano

Popular stories, fun facts, making art, show and tell and more fun and interactive activities will keep your child engaged, and creating!

Perfect for just after lunch to digest before they go back outside to run around!

Making Music for Young Elementary

Making music Instagram.png

Minimum Required Skills


Recommended age range: 5-7

Price: $90 for 10 classes 

Mondays  @ 10:30am EST

Taught by Meredith Kaunitz

Let's make some music together! We will learn about pitch, rhythm & rests. We will sing songs and dance to them. We will move in different patterns of sound and rests. We will play different instruments to various rhythms. We will sing together and dance to music of different time signatures. We will experience different styles of music and maybe even do some visual art reaction to each song.

Brass Ensemble
(In-person Fall Schedule)

brass ensemble instagram.png

This in-person ensemble meets weekly for 90-minutes and culminates in a public performance which may take the form of a concert, recital or other fun structure that allows your musician to share their accomplishments with friends and family.



Minimum Skills

  • Students should have at least 1 year of experience playing their instrument. If you are a beginner and need instruction to qualify for the ensemble, please see our private lessons.

Students will learn:

  •  how to follow a conductor

  • how to tune an instrument

  • how to blend sound with other musicians

  • best practices for playing in a group setting

  • how to behave in a public performance

Art for Young Elementary

outside art.png

Minimum Required Skills


Recommended age range: 4-7

Price: $72 for 8 classes 

Wednesdays  @ 10:00am EST

Taught by Franziska McGuire

A real art class with a real artist for young elementary students! Hands-on learning will give them a chance to try a diverse array of mediums and techniques. Fun and immersive learning. In-person at our Art & Learning Center in Maryland.

Old World Map

Young Artists
(In-person Summer Camp)


Minimum Required Skills

* ability to cut different shapes out of paper with scissors

* ability to hold pen/ crayon/ marker/ paint brush

Recommended age range: 4-6

One week:  $175.       Two weeks $325

 Monday-Friday, 9:30-1:30pm EST

Held at our Bowie-Laurel location in Maryland. Click Join us! to see the map.

Travel the world through art! In this class we will be exploring different cultures and histories through their artistic works! In this class we will study the important arts within each culture and then together we will create works of art from around the world! 

Splattered Paint

Preschool & Kindergarten Art & Storytime

Art Class

Minimum Required Skills


Price for 4 online classes: $45 (with materials), $30 (provide your own materials)

recommended age range: 3-6​

Do you have a little one who loves to create? This class was made for them! Join us as we read stories, sing songs, learn about well-known artists, and explore ways to make art together.

green swirls.png


paints & brushes.png

Minimum Required Skills

*  ability to hold pen/ crayon/ marker/ paint brush

Recommended age range: 1-10

Price: $96 for 8 classes 

Mondays @ 10:30-11:25pm EST

Taught by Patrice DiChristina

Learn to paint using developmentally appropriate strategies. Paint what you love!

Diagonal Lines

 Teen Art
(In-person Fall Schedule) 

teen art.png

Minimum Required Skills


Recommended age range: 12-16

Learn art skills from drawing to painting to sculpture! Exact activities will depend on the interests of the enrolled students.

In-person at our new Bowie-Laurel (MD) location!

Wednesdays 2:30pm-4pm

Taught by: Jose Ortiz

12 weeks for $220

Want a virtual section of this class? Let us know by emailing

 Make-up & Fashion
(In-person Summer Camp) 

Fashion sketches.png

Minimum Required Skills


Recommended age range: 8-13

If your child loves fashion and is curious about makeup, this class is for them! Topics are customized to the students who are enrolled in each section and potentially include: skin, hair and nail care, choosing colors that enhance one's unique complexion, natural makeup strategies, dramatic makeup strategies, theatrical makeup strategies, choosing clothes that enhance one's self-expression, fashion and makeup trends and products and more. Some materials will be provided and some materials will be requested to be provided by parents between classes with attention to limited budgets.

August 8th-12th, 2:00am-4:30pm

In-person at our new Bowie-Laurel (MD) location!

8 weeks for $150

Want a virtual section of this class? Let us know by emailing

Grassy Field

Drawing Animals and Nature

Drawing of Cat

Minimum Required Skills


Recommended age range: 15-17

Price for 8 classes: $110 classes

Want a section? Let us know!

Taught by Patrice DiChristina

In this class, students will learn to sketch landscapes, plants, and animals. We will also learn tips for capturing textures such as fur, grass, water, and stone. These techniques can be taken to the field for creating both quick sketches and longer, detailed works. 

Paper Abstract

Papier-mache Sculpting for Teens

Sculpture Exhibition

Minimum Required Skills


Recommended age range: 14-16

Price for 8 classes: $110 classes

Mondays, 4pm- 5pm EST

Taught by Patrice DiChristina

Learn to bring ideas into 3-D form using Papier-Mache. We will experiment with different forms and shapes, textures, and sizes of sculptures. 


Private Art Lessons with Patrice

private art picture.jpg

Minimum Required Skills


Recommended age range: 10- adult

Price for 30 minute private lesson: $35

By appointment (Click on class name above for calendar)

Taught by Patrice DiChristina

Take private art lessons with Artist and Art Teacher, Patrice DiChristina. Learn whatever you need to focus on for any purpose, including but not limited to: - developing portfolio for applying to schools - gaining a specific skill - increasing your ability to achieve your own goals with your art.

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