Parent Volunteers

Why do we need to volunteer?

Although the tutorial is not set up as a cooperative, we feel that there is value in having one parent present during each class whenever possible. This helps parents stay connected to what their students are doing in class. As a parent, I have always appreciated the opportunity to sit in on my child's classes. It helps me connect to the teacher, connect to the friends my child is making, and understand what obstacles may be present in the class environment. While all of the staff at Art Play Learn will have gone through a background check before having contact with students and we have every assurance that there is no danger to the students, I also know that, as a parent, I do feel better knowing that a parent is present to witness and/or intervene in any interactions parents might object to. As the owner and administrator, I want everybody to feel comfortable and I want to know that I have more than one adult's point of view from which I can gather information should a controversial interaction be reported. Also, in the event of an unpredictable emergency, having a second adult present is very helpful. By asking parents to volunteer, I am able to keep prices as affordable as possible.

Is volunteering mandatory?

No. We understand that, as homeschooling parents, you have a need to have a safe, enriching activity for your child while you complete other tasks. You are not required to volunteer.  You are welcome to volunteer in the classroom once per 4 weeks. Also, you are welcome to stay in the lobby area during class to be available in case of emergency and to be aware of what your students is doing in class. You are welcome to bring your other children to sit in the lobby area. We do ask that you enter and exit the space in between classes as the teacher will have to stop instruction in order to let you in or out during class.

What will parent volunteers have to do?

Your main job as parent volunteer is to be available to the teacher for any kind of support they may need. This may include:

  • handing out supplies,

  • assisting students with opening, closing or cleaning up supplies, as needed,

  • letting students in while the teacher is teaching,

  • redirecting students who are not behaving constructively,

  • calling 911 (if necessary) while the teacher applies first aid,

  • helping to evacuate the space in the case of an emergency that requires evacuation, and

  • supervising other students while the teacher is addressing an injury or illness.

Your job does NOT include:

  • recommending teaching strategies to the teacher,

  • interjecting information or your point of view regarding what the teacher is teaching (unless asked to do so directly by the teacher),

  • threatening or punishing, or

  • correcting a student's work.

We have done our best to envision every possible situation that could arise but this is not an exhaustive list. If necessary, additional responsibilities may be added to each list.

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