Hi Parent of a PGCPS student or students. Thank you for participating in our gathering of experiences on homework in an effort to create the best possible homework procedure rewrite. As you will see, your answers are entirely anonymous and will only be share with the homework procedure rewrite committee. If you would like to follow the progress or would like an in-person interview to share your thoughts, experiences and feelings, there will be a separate form to vie us your request and contact information. Please use as much detail as possible and feel free to obscure identifying information by changing names. Unfortunately, I have no mechanism for creating a way to save the form and come back to it, so the best way to submit a long story is to craft the narrative in a word processor and copy and paste it when it is ready.

Please rate your satisfaction with the homework assignments your student(s) has (have) received this year. (1 lowest, 10 highest)

3 out of 10

Please rate how well assignments have matched the developmental abilities of your child.

How long does your student work on homework on the average day?

Is your student required to do assignments on weekends and/or holidays?

Please use the text box below to tell us your experiences with homework in PGCPS in as much detail as you can. Include any specific requests you have for the revised homework procedure. There is no limit to the length but there is also no way to save your work so I recommend typing into a word processor and then pasting the entire text here to send.

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