Intermediate Japanese

Minimum Required Skills

  • Read and write using Hiragana

  • Have some experience with Katakana

  • Be able to make, read and write in kanji numbers up to 9,999

  • Understand how to use the counters for age, money, months, days of the month, and time

  • Know how to ask basic information seeking questions and yes/no questions for like/dislike, wellness, dates, days of the week, times, and adverbs

  • Change verbs between the infinitive (~u form) and the neutral (~masu form) in the unfinished tense


Price for 12 classes: $220 (Elective)

                                $250 (Credit)

Thursdays, 4:00-5:30

recommended age range: teens

Students will learn additional basic kanji, how to use describing words, new vocabulary for things and verbs and how to talk about family relationships.

Intermediate Japanese Teens

credit/no credit

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