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Pre-teens Talk

Taught by Meredith Kaunitz, Master Teacher, Professional Actor & Video Producer

Minimum Skills:

  • Can read and write fluently

  • Can add, subtract, multiply and divide integers


Recommended age range: 10-12

This class is 90-minute drop-off program. It is a TV production integration where students will design a non-fiction talk show, research topics, write questions, serve as topic experts, design graphics, write theme songs, and create videos. Students have the choice of being on-camera or production crew. There is something for every personality and comfort level. Videos will be shared with parents at the conclusion of the course and, if possible, along the way. Topics can range from science-based, social studies-based, or reporting on books, art, music and more. For planning purposes, you will be asked to declare your topic area (science, social studies, art etc) upon enrollment. It is your choice whether you choose the area for your student or you allow them to choose. The sessions may be taught by more than one teacher, depending on the topics chosen by the enrolled students. For example, if we are doing research on marine life, we may bring in a marine biologist to guide the exploration but if we are reporting on visual art, a professional artist may assist us.

*** This class may require you to bring a laptop.

Pre-teens Talk