Emerging Academics

​(Will plan to meet online in Fall 2020)


My first tutorial. For those still getting used to being away from home and those who need to build basic skills.


 Minimum Skills: 

  • Knows names and basic sounds of all letters

  • Knows the difference between a number and a letter

  • Can count to 10

Price for 12 classes: $220

Thursdays, 10-10:40am & 11:00- 11:40am

Suggested age range: 5-6

Taught by Meredith Kaunitz, Master Teacher

Our Emerging Academics class will include literacy skills, math thinking, scientific thinking, social and emotional skills, art and free play. We use songs, games, and hands-on activities to build basic academic skills in a warm, fun environment. Some American Sign Language, and Spanish will be incorporated.

Emerging Academics


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