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Emerging Academics

My first tutorial. For those still getting used to being away from home and those who need to build basic skills.

Tuesdays from 9:00am-12:00pm


 Minimum Skills: 

  • Knows names and basic sounds of all letters

  • Knows the difference between a number and a letter

  • Can count to 10

  • Is potty trained

Suggested age range: 3-6

Taught by Meredith Kaunitz, Master Teacher

Our Emerging Academics class used to be called PreK-Kindergarten. It is a 3-hour, drop off program that will include literacy skills, math thinking, scientific thinking, social and emotional skills, art and free play. We use songs, games, and hands-on activities to build basic academic skills in a warm, fun environment. American Sign Language, and Spanish will be incorporated.


This class meets in-person in Bowie, Maryland.

Emerging Academics