Spanish for Toddlers is an immersion style class for any child who is walking on their own up to 4 years old. We will sing, read stories, count, play with balls, dance and have fun in Spanish. 


Vocabulary will include greetings, colors, numbers, family members, verbs and more.


Great opportunity to pick up some Spanish yourself (if you don't already speak it), to learn strategies to reinforce the language at home, to play and bond with your child and to help your child develop social skills.


The full session price is $2/ class less than the drop in rate, which is the same as getting almost 2 free classes. Please register and pay for each child. Adults are free.


Friday mornings from 10:00- 10:30am

Taught by Alejandra

March 13th - April 17th


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Spanish for Toddlers- 6-week Session

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