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COVID-Grade Saver Program

Parents! Are you having trouble keeping track of what assignments your kids have finished and turned in?

Let our virtual tutors help!

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Turn-in Check Up

$20 for 20 minutes

If your kids regularly do most of their assignments but often forget to actually turn them in, the Turn-in Check Up is for you. Provide our tutor with the log-in for your child's classroom. They will walk through each item with your child and have them turn in anything that is finished. Then they will make an itemized list of assignments that need to be completed or that need following up with the teacher. This way you can save time knowing what is already turned in and what needs attention. Stop losing credit for work they did just because they forget to turn them in!

Choose your tutor below!
Online Tutorial

Finisher Package

$40 for 55 minutes

If your child has trouble finishing their work during the virtual school day and winds up not getting credit for work they did, the Finisher Package is for you. Our Education Professionals will get on a Zoom call with your child and provide one-on-one guidance to help them get as much done as possible. They will start by going through each assignment to see which ones are done or almost done but not turned in. As they find work that can be turned in as is, they will have your child turn them in. Then they will go back systematically tackling the assignments that need to be finished. The strategy can be to finish work that is almost done and turn it in or to tackle the subject they need extra help to do at all. Your choice!

Choose your tutor below.

Parker Clark headshot 1.jpg


Parker Clark

Parker Clark is an alumnus of Salisbury University. He has a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics with practicums in both basic and upper level mathematics.  Mr. Clark has experience in tutoring at a college level as well as making individualized lesson plans. He has the tools to get the job of teaching your students done. As a student who himself had to take a combination of online and in person classes during a pandemic, he is aware of some of the challenges your students may face during schooling in these stressful times and is equipped with the aptitude  and technology to maximize your students’ learning efforts. As a life long learner with a passion for math, he is excited about teaching math to your students.

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CJ VonEssen Headshot.jpg


CJ VonEssen

CJ von Essen graduated from William Paterson University in New Jerseywith degrees in Theatre/Comedy and English. In his collegiate career, CJ wrote and acted in several plays and comedic sketches. He loves to make people laugh and smile any way he can. Whether during class, at work, or playing Dungeons and Dragons he always finds a way to habituate a fun friendly environment. CJ is also left-handed and lactose intolerant. He looks forward to seeing you in class!

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Tural Osmanov headshot.jpeg


Tural Osmanov

Tural Osmanov is a native Russian speaker who is also fluent in English, Turkish and German. Combining his language skills with his medical knowledge as a licensed Radiologist, he helps patients receive accurate information in their native tongues at major local medical centers working as a medical interpreter. He has a Medical Doctor degree in Medicine from Azerbaijan Medical University , with a Specialty  in Radiology from Chukurova Medical School (Turkey),  Vienna General Hospital (Austria) and Hannover Medical School (Germany).


He has been playing chess since he was about 5 years old and played on competitive teams through university. He has also played competitive soccer for most of his life, playing left forward on a professional level. Tural is a fun-loving guy who is excited to share his many skills with kids in a playful, positive way. I’m joining Art Play Learn company to share my most favorite subjects and hobbies to children everywhere.

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Edward Brennan headshot.jpg


Edward Brennan

Edward Brennan is a 21 year old college student at the University of Maryland, double-majoring in Secondary Education and English with a minor in Creative Writing. The son of a teacher, Edward’s desire to teach was instilled in him at a young age. Seeing his father come home every day with stories about how he taught and the love that he had for it, as well as Edward’s own propensity for helping others, quickly lit a fire in him that he hopes to cultivate further here at Art Play Learn. A lover of creative writing and all things fantasy, Edward spends his time playing Dungeons and Dragons, writing, and working on his copious amounts of schoolwork.  

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Patrice DiChristina Holding chicken.jpg


Patrice DiChristina

Patrice received a BA in Art and Psychology from Oberlin College in 2018. Since then, she has worked as a studio assistant, an art teacher, an artist, and a farmer, sometimes all at once. Patrice loves reading, painting, hiking, and hanging out with her cat. 

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Charlotte Yakovleff headshot.jpg


Charlotte Yakovleff

Never knowing what she wants to be when she grows up, Charlotte has played a variety of roles on her journey, even if its just for a brief moment in time. From off-Broadway playwright/producer/dir-ector to award winning independent film producer/director...Charlotte is always challenging herself. She holds a BA in Studio Art and Computer Graphics with a minor in Photography, but professionally she's a freelancer in the television industry for the broadcast networks. When not in studio or out in the field she substitute teaches (10+ years), with most recently as a long-term sub,  teaching American Sign Language for a local high school. She is also a certified yoga instructor (YTT500), sign language interpreter, and author of the children's picture book: The Tail of Lumpy Luv Melonhead-A Lucky Dog. 
Her hobbies include playing soccer, sailing, photography and fad diets...but most of all, she likes having fun, which she hopes to bring to APL.

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Tessa headshot.jpg


Sarah "Tessa" Schwartz

Tessa Schwartz is a senior at the University of Maryland, majoring Animal Science Care and Management. She was raised on a horse farm learning how to care, feed, and handle a variety breeds of horses.  During many summers, she served as a horse camp counselor to teach safety, horseback riding, and various equine information. In addition to science, she is versed in different mediums of art from working with clay, cardboard, wood, playing cards, and typical mediums such as paper and canvas. She likes to get involved with creative activities, which brought her into the world of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). Although she got a late start learning about D&D, picking up the game in college, she has excelled in learning and quickly becoming a game master for over the last year.  She loves to share the intricacies of the game as well as the potential benefits it can bring to everyone involved. 

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Alejandra headshot.jpeg

General Elementary
in Spanish

Alejandra Zuñiga

Alejandra is a native Peruvian.  Sharing the love for her language and culture has become her passion. She has a degree in Business Administration from St. Augustine University. She understands what people go through when learning a new language having arrived in the U.S. just twelve years ago.  Here in the U.S. she has accumulated more than 7 years of experience in early childhood development. She am a homeschool mom and has taught her own children for the last two years. Her work as a professional educator and experience as a home educator has stoked a passion for education and the inherent experimentation needed to discover the best possible approach for each unique and individual child.

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Who will our newest tutor be?

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