YouTube Academy

Does your child want to be a YouTube star?

Mine too.

What they don't realize is there is much more to being successful on YouTube than just setting up a camera and posting fun videos. Our experts will teach your child the skills they need not only to be successful with their YouTube goals but also in any career path they eventually choose.


YouTube Marketing

This YouTube Marketing Class will focus on how an individual will market themselves to their ideal audience and how to maintain their channel. We will walk through the basic steps of how to create, use, and navigate your way through YouTube and your channel. We will go in more depth about your content, display, and how to put the "You" in "Youtube!"

Video Blogger


If you want to be a YouTube star, you have to be comfortable being yourself knowing lots of people are watching you. Join our professional actor/director in any one of a variety of performance classes that will give you the skills to bring your authentic self to your YouTube content.

Digital Mind

YouTube Marketing Part 2: Content Creation

This YouTube Class will focus on content creating. We will go into detail on how to create and edit videos, best practices to follow, designing custom thumbnails, and more; continuing to put the "You" in YouTube!