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American Sign Language

Welcome! This is where you will find all kinds of content: both classes to learn and practice American Sign Language skills and classes in all subject matters that are taught in American Sign Language for students who communicate using American Sign Language. You will find classes, clubs and activities. Content offered will change from time to time so come visit us often. In fact, just bookmark this page right now.

Sign Language Course

ASL Family Club

For families who would like to begin learning American Sign Language together in an interactive online class. 


Deaf History

This class will be covering milestones made in the Deaf community throughout history. The information learned in this class will range from how ASL was developed here in America and to the rights that Deaf people had to earn in schools, life and even the workforce. The instructor will be teaching in ASL so the students should be able to converse in ASL easily as we will learn with lectures and activities. This class will meet once each week over a course of 8 weeks. 

Want a section of this class taught by the same teacher but with a speech interpreter for those who are not fluent in ASL? Let us know!


World War II History

In this class, we will cover the timeline of how World War Two occurred and how America eventually get involved. As we know Americans were part of the winning side of Allies but as we all know generally that it took years. We will take a look at how it began and what happened along the way such as the Holocaust and many other milestones that played a role in shaping our history as it is today in the world.  People signing up should have intermediate to expert skills of ASL knowledge as the instructor will teach in ASL.  We will meet once each week.

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Deaf Theater Club

Coming SOON!

Play theater games, learn about acting and even create theater all online and all in American Sign Language!

Anatomy Drawing


Coming Soon!

Study Biology in American Sign Language

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Other programming delivered in ASL

What other programming would you like to see delivered in ASL? Reach out and let us know. We will try to put it together.

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