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Dungeons & Dragons

Welcome to our Dungeons & Dragons page where you will find an eclectic and ever-changing assortment of  D&D classes and events. No matter what your other interests are, why and how you play D&D, what you hope to get out of it or what your experience level is, there is bound to be something here for you!

Summer 2024

In-person D&D & RPG Camps for 12 - 16 year olds

D&D Camp

D&D Camp Wix.png

Play the original role-playing game IRL and make new friends. Create your own character. Decide what they do as you encounter monsters, tricksters and more on an exciting adventure.

July 22nd - 26th
7:30 pm -  10:30 pm

Star Wars RPG Camp

Star Wars RPG Camp Wix.png

Star Wars lovers! Are you on the Light Side or the Dark Side? You get to choose that and much, much more in this Star Wars role-playing game camp.

July 29th - August 2nd
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
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Life Skills

Kids RPG

Little adventurers, welcome! The world is full of brave heroes, and you seem like the perfect person to help out. Join in on solving mysteries and stopping bad guys ruining everyone’s day. Based on D&D 5e, enjoy a simplified version for ease of learning where we can focus on fun and magic!

Shakespeare bust.png


Take a D&D adventure and meet the characters in Shakespeare's plays! A perfect way to introduce kids who are afraid of Shakespeare, not especially strong readers, or just don't like having to "do literature", this is the perfect way to ease them in. For kids who are really into theater and/or Shakespeare, this is a great way to celebrate that love and explore their passion from a new perspective.

Animal Science

Fantasy Science

If your student needs some science time but would rather be gaming, this is for you! Learn animal science while creating your own original D&D monsters.

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Just gaming

Beginner D&D for Adults

While all these kids are getting into D&D, who says adults can’t start too? Whether you are new to the game or need a bit of a refresher on 5th edition, there are plenty of mysteries that are left unsolved. Let’s create a story together!


Middle School Math

Whether your Middle Schooler loves math or hates math, this is the class for them. Not only will they get to learn to play or practice playing D&D but they will have a math specialist as Dungeon Master ready to help them with learn the math that is inherent in the game. The perfect way to practice without feeling like you're "studying".


SAT Vocabulary

If you need a fun way to expand your vocabulary, whether it is to get a high score on the SAT or other test, or just for better writing and general knowledge, this is for you! Collaborative storytelling while playing D&D will embed those hard words in your head so you have them when you need them And you get to play D&D through it all!

Fantasy Gaming

World Crafting

If you love all things D&D and like crafts and making things, this is for you! World building workshops with crafting and storytelling will improve your creativity, listening skills and problem solving.

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Dungeon Master

 Dungeon Master

Always wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons with your friends, but have no one to run it? Or you've been playing D&D for quite a while now and you're wondering if you could make the transition to running games. This class focuses on the essentials of running a successful Dungeons & Dragons (or similar RPG) game.

Dungeons and Dragons.png
Just gaming

In-person D&D Club

A call to all adventurers! Let’s dive into the wonderous world of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition where we’ll learn about how to create characters, basic rules of the game, and have some fun exploring a fantastical world while solving mysteries!

Drawing Figures
Figure Drawing

Art- Figure Drawing

Are you interested in learning how to draw people and characters or improving your figure drawing skills? This is a great way to develop those skills while exploring character and having a fun, interactive game play.

D&D HS home-brew.png
Just gaming

High School Homebrew

Hello, adventurer! I require your assistance. You see, the world is in danger and only a brave soul, such as yourself can help mend its wounds. Do you have the courage to combat the creatures that roam? Do you have the imagination to solve the mysteries lying in wait? Do you want to try something new? Well, in that case, join the party and treasure, adventure, laughter, and new friends will await you.

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Game Design

Fundamentals of Game Design

Looking to write your own RPG, or adventure module? This class focuses on the methods and standards used to refine and publish your own game, or expansion content for other games. Including rules knowledge, basic storytelling structure, editing and formatting techniques.

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