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Absolute Beginner

parent, K. S.

My 12 year old really enjoyed this class! He was able to use the words and phrases in his daily life and he found it very interesting to learn the backgrounds of the language as well. Meredith is a really encouraging and engaging teacher. He is looking forward to doing the next level!

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parent, Anne

The style of teaching is excellent. And practicing with other students with the teacher is very helpful. Questions are always answered!

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Absolute Beginner

parent, Tanya

When I asked my daughter what she would rate this class, from 1 to 5 stars, she exclaimed, “SIX STARS!” Needless to say, she loved this class and Meredith’s gentle and effective style, and she is looking forward to continuing on to the next level!


parent, anonymous

Meredith Kaunitz is one of my 13 year old son's favorite teachers. He's learned so much so far, and says that it's mostly due to her teaching style and the study resources she provides. We highly recommend any classes she teaches.

Winter Offerings

start January 6, 2021

Absolute Beginner 8-12 continued

Minimum Required Skills

60-minute class

-Took 5- week Absolute Beginner fall session at Art Play Learn


- Has studied all of the Hiragana characters without the use of diacritics or subscript contractions

- Can introduce themselves

- Can count to 99 in Japanese

- Can ask and answer yes/no questions

Price for 60 minute classes: $98 (Elective only)

Thursdays, 2:30-3:25 pm

8 week course

recommended age range: 8-12 

Students will learn to speak, understand, read and write Japanese. Material may include using adverbs of frequency, going to a restaurant, culture of eating, and more. The 60 minute course students will continue to learn Hiragana and may start learning Katakana.


Intermediate Part 2

Minimum Required Skills

  • Read and write using Hiragana

  • Have some experience with Katakana

  • Be able to make, read and write in kanji numbers up to 9,999

  • Understand how to use the counters for age, money, months, days of the month, and time

  • Know how to ask basic information seeking questions and yes/no questions for like/dislike, wellness, dates, days of the week, times, and adverbs

  • Change verbs between the infinitive (~u form) and the neutral (~masu form) in the unfinished tense

  • Change verbs into the ~tai forms and ~mashyou form

  • Use describing words in the affirmative and negative

  • Use entry level kanji for describing words and natural objects (tree, moon, sun, mountain, etc)


Price for 8 classes: $150 (Elective)

                                $170 (Credit)

Thursdays, 4:00-5:30

recommended age range: teens

Students will learn additional basic kanji, how to talk about human relationships, how to use describing words to describe people, new vocabulary for things and verbs.

Small Street in Japan

Enrichment vs Credit

For students who are taking this class to only fulfill their own desire to learn Japanese, the enrichment option offers that experience.


For students who are also trying to fulfill a homeschool World Language requirement, the "for credit" option will fulfill this requirement in most states. Please contact me if your state has very specific requirements and I will let you know if I can fulfill them. For credit students will receive a syllabus, graded assignments and assessments and a certificate of completion with covered Standards of Learning and grades notated on the "back". If digital versions of these are not acceptable, please communicate that to me and I can snail mail them to you.


For more information, please contact info@artplaylearn.com

Not-so-Absolute Beginner

Minimum Required Skills

90-minute class
- Took Absolute Beginner Japanese at Art Play Learn


-Can introduce themselves

- Can read and write in Hiragana

- Can count to 1,000 in Japanese

- Can ask and answer yes/no questions

- Can ask for prices

- Can use counters for age and money


Price for 90 minute classes: $150 (Elective)

                                $170 (Credit)

Wednesdays, 10-11:25 am

8-week course

recommended age range: teens

Students will learn to speak, understand, read and write Japanese. Material may include using adverbs of frequency, going to a restaurant, culture of eating, and more. The 90 minute course students will learn to read and write in Katakana. 

View of Meditation Garden

Advanced Intermediate Part 2

Advanced Intermediate Japanese


8 weekly 85-minute classes

Enrichment: $150

For credit $170


Wednesdays 1:30-2:55pm


This class is the next level up from Advanced Intermediate.


Minimum required skills:

* ability to read and write in hiragana

* familiarity with katakana

* basic kanji 

* knowledge of 'u' form and 'masu' form in unfinished and finish tense

* numbers to 100,000,000

* basic understaning of the use of counters

* knowledge of how to make and answer basic information seeking and yes/no questions

* understanding of how describing words work 

* vocabulary including colors, foods, family members, every day usage verbs

* vocabulary for 'too much', 'all the way', 'try'

*how to express every.../no..../some.../any...


This level will focus on generating self-motivated speech in Japanese. We will use storytelling techniques, will exchange emails and perhaps even snail mail letters, and will start discussing our past, habitual and breaking news life events. Some advanced  grammar will be embedded as will some new vocabulary and new kanji.

Mojiko Station
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