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French & German

Engaging, playful group lessons to make learning fun and effective.
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Beginner French for Enrichment or For Credit

Minimum Skills


Age recommendations


This is a beginning French course for students with little or no knowledge of the language. The student will acquire structures and vocabulary of the French language through in –class comprehensible input, interpretive reading and listening, and communicative activities, such as guided partner speaking, games, and teacher questions. The main themes include: talking about yourself, with units on family, hobbies, and school.

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For students who are taking this class to only fulfill their own desire to learn French, the enrichment option offers that experience.


For students who are also trying to fulfill a homeschool World Language requirement, the "for credit" option will fulfill this requirement in most states. Please contact me if your state has very specific requirements and I will let you know if I can fulfill them. For credit students will receive a syllabus, graded assignments and assessments and a certificate of completion with covered Standards of Learning and grades notated on the "back". If digital versions of these are not acceptable, please communicate that to me and I can snail mail them to you.


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