Homeschool Tutorials for Active Learners

With a 9 student maximum, we are able to customize curriculum to the students enrolled in each class.
Organizing class levels according to minimum skills rather than "grade level" or age allows us to keep the range of skill-levels close.
Secular curriculum makes a comfortable space for students of all faith backgrounds, including a completely secular family culture.
Our peaceful, positive approach encourages, motivates and includes.
Play-based strategies make learning fun.
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Prekindergarten Playtime

Wed 10-10:30 & 11-11:30

Absolute Beginners! For little ones who are just getting started.

12 weeks- 2 meetings each Wednesday



Sophisticated Studies

Mon 9:30-10;10, 10:30-11:10 & 11:30-12:10

For students who are ready to work with less coaching from the instructor.

12 weeks- 3 meetings each Monday


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Emerging Academics

Not currently scheduled

Interested? Let us know!

My first tutorial. For  those who need to build basic skills.

12 weeks- 2 meetings each Thursday


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Preteens Place


12:30-1:30pm EST

A place for pre-teens to extend their skills in a fun, collaborative environment.

8 weeks

Currently running Earth Science-Art Integration


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Beyond Basics

Fri 10-10:40, 11-11:40 & 12-12:40

For students who are ready to build on their basic skills.

12 weeks- 3 meetings each Friday


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The African American Experience

Will be offered as soon as we find a new instructor. Interested? Contact us!

In this class, we will gain an understanding of the experience of African Americans in America. (ages 7-12)


small class sizes

developmentally appropriate

expert teachers

fosters interaction with peers


"I have had my daughter enrolled in the Pre-K/Kindergarten class at Art Play Learn since last Fall. She really loves the time she has to play with other kids her age while also learning and creating. She comes home after each class with art and/or writing projects that she's very proud to show me. Meredith is very sweet and treats the kids very kindly and talks to them with a lot of respect. My daughter looks forward to going back each week!"

"As unschoolers we look to our childrens' interests for inspiration. When our son wanted to learn Japanese in a face-to-face class, I wasn't sure I'd find it. I was so glad to find and speak with Meredith at Art.Play.Learn. I found her both professional and personable. Our son says "she makes class feel like family" and shares that Meredith is "energetic and has a playful way of explaining things that makes class and learning fun".