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Mindfulness, Movement & More

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Vinyasa Yoga with Jeanne

This six-week session will include elements of vinyasa yoga, differentiated for all levels, as well as slower, yin-influenced poses, and a savasana guided meditation at the end of practice. The instructor, Jeanne Dillon-Williams, is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance and a Yoga Nidra Meditation facilitator who has been practicing yoga for more than a decade. Class is held in-person at our Bowie-Laurel location. (see map)


Thursdays from 7:00-8:00 PM, beginning October 13th. All levels are welcome. 


*Two yoga blocks, a non-slip yoga mat, and a strap or old neck-tie recommended.


Are you looking for an adult activity that will help you de-stress, gain clarity in your goals, reduce physical or emotional pain, find your passion or deal with intrusive thoughts?

         Awakened Hearts Designs class is for you!

Join us for 8 weeks of themed classes where you might make a mandala, paint a wine glass or a postcard, make a vision vase or create self-body-state art. Each class will include a contemplative art activity. A brief overview of contemplative art will be provided at the beginning of each class. All classes meet via Zoom.

1 hour 15 minutes


Thursday, March 10, 5:00pm PST/ 6pm MST/ 7pm CST/8pm EST

Join the whole 8 week session for $140

Required materials:

watercolor sets, paintbrushes, colored pencils/markers/crayons, salt, glue stick, glass vase or mug, various small items to decorate with (beads, sequins, buttons, ribbons) puff paint, modge podge, magazines to cut up,  wine (or other kind of )glass, rubbing alcohol, acrylic paints, paper plate/ paint palette, a Sharpie, note paper, pens/pencils, mist atomizer, lavender essential oil, rescue remedy, tap water, charms/beads/small items to decorate with, 3-4inch wooden craft slice, magnet that fits on back of wooden slice

Want to join just one or several classes á la carte?

Self Body State Samples.jpeg

Self Body State Art

This is an intuitive painting exercise and is especially beneficial for individuals who feel weighted down by intrusive negative thoughts or suffer from chronic pain or stress.  Students are guided in clearing the mind with breath work, then given a “body outline” template in which to do creative self-expression via a series of prompts with the watercolors provided.  Upon completing exercise, a brief discussion on any insights or thoughts that arise will be guided by the instructor. The value of using watercolor is that it has a spontaneous flow to it due to its’ semitransparent, glassy feel.  It is an excellent medium for revealing the emotional state in the moment, however, markers or colored pencils are also acceptable. Brief discussion of color therapy is included.


Materials needed: Body outline template (instructor provided) watercolor sets, paintbrushes, colored pencils, markers.


March 10th @ 5pmPST, 6pmMST, 7pmCST, 8pmEST

I Love You Mandala.JPG
Week 3


This is a great exercise for trying active meditation and can help us to bring calming, relaxing energy.  Also excellent for creative self-expression, while being grounding and centering.  The shapes and colors that individuals add to their mandala will reflect their inner self at the time of creation. Creating a mandala is a personal and introspective process and overall benefits are self-healing, exploration and self-expression. 


Materials needed: Mandala template (provided by instructor), colored pencils, markers, paint or crayons. Optional: Items collected in nature: flower petals, small leaves, buds, etc; glue or glue stick


March 24th @ 5pmPST, 6pmMST, 7pmCST, 8pmEST

Paint Your Wineglass.JPG
Week 5

Paint Your Own Wineglass

Have you ever wanted to learn to paint your own wine glass? This is a fun and low stress class in which students learn the step-by-step basics in choosing a design and then painting on their very own wineglass or coffee mug.


Materials needed: Wine glass, rubbing alcohol or white vinegar, acrylic paints, one sharpie marker, paper plate (for palette) paintbrushes, magazines for design ideas


April 7th @ 5pmPST, 6pmMST, 7pmCST, 8pmEST

Aromatherapy Pic final 3.24.21.jpg
Week 7

Aromatherapy Spritzer

Students will learn how to create their own personalized aromatherapy spritzer (a mixture of essential oils and pure distilled water in a spray mister or atomizer) which can be carried in a purse or handbag, and then misted lightly on the face and neck to help lessen anxiety by helping re-focus energy on our own well-being rather than on the chaos around us. A brief history/overview of essential oils and their healing benefits is also included. 


Materials needed: mist atomizers, lavender essential oil, rescue remedy, tap water


April 28th @ 5pmPST, 6pmMST, 7pmCST, 8pmEST

Healing Postcards.jpg
Week 2

Healing Postcards

Participants are guided in a simple yet effective exercise involving journal writing, and contemplative painting with watercolors.  Students will learn the therapeutic value of self-expression while gaining a new perspective on a stressful event or person in their lives.

This is an excellent exercise to aid in conflict resolution or any internal struggle that may be troubling to individuals. The process involves encouraging students to first focus, then jot down thoughts and details regarding the difficult person or event in a letter-like form, on a postcard. They are encouraged to lightly paint over their words and then add a sprinkling of salt, in order to witness the situation “dissolve” right before their eyes.  This assists in reducing the power of intense feelings that arise, therefore releasing students of the burden they have been carrying.  


Materials needed: watercolor paper (cut to postcard size) watercolor sets, paintbrushes, boxed salt


March 17th @ 5pmPST, 6pmMST, 7pmCST, 8pmEST

Vision Vases.png
Week 4

Vision Vase

This exercise assists students in individually focusing on what they want to achieve for themselves, and is based on the “law of attraction”: we bring into our lives what we think about the most. This vision vase can be a daily reminder of what we want for ourselves (our hopes, dreams) Students will be guided in writing down the things that they wish for their future (a series of prompts are given).   Mixed-media supplies such as magazines, ribbons, beads, and other decorative materials are used in which to create a collage on a vase or glass. The completed creation can be placed centrally in homes in order to remind students of what makes them happy and energized.


Materials needed: Glass vase (any size) or mug, (optional): magazines

Glue sticks, magazines, beads, ribbons, mod-podge, acrylic paints/puff paints


March 31st @ 5pmPST, 6pmMST, 7pmCST, 8pmEST

PT Pic 3.24.21.jpg
Week 6

Passion Test

The Passion Test is a process that gives you the tools to discover and align with your Top 5 Passions to embark on your personal path to fulfilling your ultimate destiny. It’s about learning how to identify, and actualize the things that are important to you, that you would love to have most in your life, those things that would lead you to living your ideal life everyday…and bring you joy, love, and excitement. 

Materials needed: PT cards, handouts (instructor provided), notepaper, pens or pencils


April 21st @ 5pmPST, 6pmMST, 7pmCST, 8pmEST

Mixed Media Magnets ArtPlayLearn.jpg
Week 8

Mixed Media Magnet

Come discover the magic of creating your own refrigerator magnet with a variety of delectable supplies: beads, ribbon, charms and more.  No prior art experience is necessary!  Bring your imagination and experience the joy of exploring many different types of art materials with the guidance of your instructor.  At the end of class you will have completed your very own masterpiece.

Materials needed: modge podge, glue stick, charms/beads/small items to decorate with, 3-4inch wooden craft slice, magnet that fits on back of wooden slice, magazine cutouts/other cutout images or words (optional)



May 7th @ 5pmPST, 6pmMST, 7pmCST, 8pmEST

Creative Genius


Creative Genius.png

This fun camp-style class will gently pull your child into thinking outside of the box. Easy, fun activities that use nothing but pencil, paper and your creative genius will reinforce skills such as:

* story building

* clarity of thought

* creative thinking

* memory retention techniques


A great way to engage your child in fun activities that will secretly give them tools to help them succeed in academic learning too!

Join us this Spring Break!

Schedule coming soon