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Tutoring for Schools

COVID still has us all on the run. At Art Play Learn, we know how hard this school year has been already and we are here to help you and your students find success in the face of constant change.

Learning Loss Recovery

Everywhere we turn we keep hearing the chants of "how are you going to fill the gaps of learning loss?" Many people are citing statistics and pointing fingers. We are here to help you reach the kids who didn't thrive in virtual learning and who are having a rough time keeping up when schools have to close temporarily to stem a COVID outbreak.

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Teacher Shortage

We know that you may already be short of teaching staff. There is a nationwide teacher shortage, exacerbating the challenges for schools to manage personalized interventions for students. We are here to help you reach more students with the help each student needs.

Tutoring as an Intervention

Research has shown that the best way to address learning loss and to keep students engaged is through direct one-to-one tutoring. Our team of subject matter specialists is equipped with all of the skills needed to bring your students back up to grade-level, help them complete and turn in assignments on time and, by virtue of the fact that they are succeeding, stay engaged.

Parker Clark headshot 1.jpg

Parker Clark

Math Tutor: any level including Calculus

Charlotte Yakovleff headshot.jpg

Charlotte Yakovleff

ASL , ELA, Media, Art

Tural Osmanov headshot.jpeg

Tural Osmanov

Science Tutor in Russian, Turkish, German and English

Tessa headshot.jpg

Tessa Schwartz

Animal Science Tutor

Diversity Students

Diversity Matters

Our team of specialists is uniquely prepared to help your students for whom English is not their (or their parents') first language. With tutors who speak American Sign Language, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, German and more, we are able to address the needs of students who often fall through the cracks. Especially when we do not feel secure, accessing help in our native language makes all the difference. Likewise, students who have a hard time connecting and engaging benefit from tutors who can identify with them.

Learn more about how you can arrange for your students to access Art Play Learn online tutors.

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