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Homeschool Tutorial

Our Secular Homeschool tutorial offers active, student-centered classes in a positive environment. By limiting class sizes to 9 students, we are able to customize course curriculum to the needs and interests of the students in each class. This is what makes us so successful! Check out our current offerings here.

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Curriculum & Materials

Let us help you meet your learning goals.

At Art Play Learn, we are always creating new curricula and materials. We use these in our own classes and offer them to you to use in yours, whether you teach a group in a classroom or are teaching your children at home. Click on the appropriate button below to discover what we have to offer you.

Mother and Child
Infant and Toddler Enrichment Programs
PG PARKS and our Bowie location
Songs for parents and educators to use to help kids learn to speak and understand Spanish in a fun way, using Cognitive Science.

Summer Camps

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