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Afterschool Programs

Whether you love to dance, make music, create visual art, make theater, code, create videos or learn new things like languages, there is something for you.

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In-school Tutoring Programs

In-school, after-school tutoring programs where our tutors come to your students. Our programming uses integration techniques build a curriculum customized to the needs of each group of students. Our techniques include using sports, art, theater, and games to practice missing skills which leads to greater academic success and confidence. Schools must coordinate with us before you can register for a program. For more information on bringing a program to your school, email

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From Intro to Dance, to Ballet to Social Dance and Ballroom, there is an option for everyone. Age group lessons for kids 4-teen. Family Dance is open to the whole family- no age restrictions!

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Intro to Game Design

Create your own game using Unreal Engine. This class will help you come up with an idea, plan your assets, and plan your game's objective and levels. Then you will learn how to create assets, and you may learn techniques for coding. How far you get depends a lot on how complicated your game idea is, how many assets you need to create and how quickly you finish making them.


Play to Learn Tutoring Programs

This program is a partnership between Art Play Learn and Mentoring Through Athletics. In this program, students grades 3rd-5th and 6th-8th acquire sports skills and improve foundational academic skills at the same time. We construct activities that help students practice gross motor skills and sport specific strategies while using teamwork to complete tasks that also require them to use academic skills. Click through for more information.

Chess Tournament

Chess Club

Join our chess club to introduce your student to the game of chess in a positive, supportive environment. Our multi-age club allows students to acquire skills at their own pace while interacting with others through playing the game with the support of an experienced instructor. Chess is great for developing concentration, strategy, advanced planning and other life skills.

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Brass Ensemble

Join our brass ensemble and get to play with other brass instrument lovers! Up to 5 members. Learn how to play with other musicians and how to follow a conductor. Private and public performance opportunities. 

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Learn to speak, understand , play and make friends in Spanish through songs, games, play and creativity.


YouTube Academy (taught in English)

 YouTube Academy will help your budding YouTuber set up their channel, create the required graphic art, come up with ideas and schedules for content, figure out how to create, edit and upload content, how to market themselves to their ideal audience and how to maintain their channel. We will walk through the basic steps of how to create, use, and navigate your way through YouTube and your channel. We will go in more depth about your content, display, and how to put the "You" in "Youtube!"

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Not Your Usual Choir


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