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Kids Running

Play to Learn
Tutoring Program

This afterschool program gets kids moving and practicing sports skills and acquiring and strengthening academic skills at the same time.

Sports-integrated Academic Skills Support

Students learn sports skills such as:

  • ball handling

  • teamwork

  • strategy

  • gameplay decision making

  • emotion management

  • relationship management

  • pattern recognition

Students learn and practice foundational math skills such as:

  • mental calculations

  • pattern recognition

  • relationships between numbers and functions (+, -, x, ÷)

  • geometry (shapes, angles, perimeter, area, etc)

  • relationships between fractions, percentages, and decimals

  • algebraic problem solving and notations

Students learn and practice foundational English skills such as:

  • reading comprehension

  • following written directions

  • English mechanics (spelling, parts of speech, etc.)

  • writing clear instructions

  • creative writing

  • writing personal responses and reflections

  • verbal communication skills

Join us!

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